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London, United Kingdom
Moscow Grooves Institute is a Russian electronic musical project.
It was created in 1995 by two Moscow musicians - Arkady Martinenko (MEGAPOLIS, HEAT of the EARTH, EJECT PROJECT) and Boris Nazarov. During the next several years collective was searching for its own style and sound. Together with the «Ministry of Psycho» project MGI was playing live electronic concerts at independent experimental «Substation» radio. These lives provided background for the first studio album of the project called «Surround Wednesday», that was released by Citadel records independent electronic label in 1997.
At the same time MGI started giving concerts in Russia and abroad. For 14 years of its existence the band has had gigs in many countries: France, Germany, Monaco, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Japan etc. MGI takes part in international music festivals such as Kazantip (Ukraine), Subtropique (Georgia), Popkomm (Germany), Grimaldi forum (France), Nu Jazz, NOKIA Lab (Russia), MIDEM (France).
At the end of 1998 the third participant Sergei Belyaev (Rovniy) joined the band. He participated in the record of MGI second album called «Pizza». The basis of the release is funk with elements of drum-n-base and ethnical trip-hop. Moscow Grooves Institute invited Sergei Klevensky and the members of «Detsky Panadol» project to take part in the record of the album.
In 2000 MGI released a new album called «Commercial» and also filmed four video clips of the compositions “Stereophonique”, “Voyage”, “2 professors” and “Dancing”. Later two videos of OLF (Olga Noel & Moscow Grooves Institute) project – “Les Chrysanthemes” (2001) and “Na Zare” (2003) were shot. MGI clips are rotated on MTV Russia, Muz-TV, Music box, A one, o2Tv as well as on Ukrainian and Belarusian musical channels. In 2001 MGI together with «Mummy Troll» group recorded version of Victor Zoy’s song “Malysh” that had never been released before. For several months this song was the leader of radio «Maximum» music chart.
In June of 2002 MGI new album «Tangibility» was released. Such well known foreign labels as Netlmage Foundation (Great Britain) and MPLS. Ltd (USA) released vinyl singles from the album.
The fifth studio album of the project «Les etoiles sont plus proches avec les yeux fermes» was released in April of 2006, but actually musicians had been gathering the material for it since 2003. Olga Noel beautified with her back vocal several compositions of the album. Such musicians as participant of German band N.O.H.A MC Chevy whose rap diversified MGI electric sound and the old friend of the project Daria Rodcher known for MGI concert activity from 2000 till 2003 participated in the record of the album.
Several times during the latest years MGI project has become the finalist of international contest of electronic music Qwartz Electronic Music Awards. MGI tracks are often included to music compilations, issued by such foreign record companies as Pork recordings, George V, Les Maquis, Pschent, Petrol records etc.
Arkady Martinenko and Boris Nazarov are authors of the music to such films as «Native and intimate» (2007) and «Dance, don’t stop» (2007) by E. Lavrentiev. They were working at the remixes of compositions by t.a.t.u, Vitas, Mummy Troll, Enrique Iglesias & Alsou and also wrote music for TV advertisement (Head&Shoulders, Orbit Watermelon, Orbit Pineapple etc.)
In 2007 Citadel records releases a multicolor version of Moscow Grooves Institute debut album «Surround Wednesday», partly rearranged by sound producer Sofia Kruglikova in 2004-2005.
Since the summer of 2008 MGI consists of Boris Nazarov (vocals, samplers and groove boxes), Yuri Shulgin (bass guitar, cuts) and Pavel Khotin (synthesizers). Before the gig in Japan, that took place in July 2008, the project was working at the new program that will soon provide basis for the sixth studio album of the collective.
In 2009 a performance by Moscow Grooves Institute and Olga Noel opened the concert program of the forty third MIDEM. The show was attended by musical professionals from all over the world and had a great success.

Theodor Bastard

Saint Petersburg, Russia
The history of the band begins in 1996 when Fedor Svolotch took interest in noise music experiments. Later other musicians joined the band, and there was their future vocalist Yana Veva among them. In 2004 THEODOR BASTARD recorded and released their sixth album "Pustota" which became the turning point in the history of the band. The album instantly became famous among various listeners in Russia as well as in foreign countries. A year later "Pustota" was released in three more countries. In this work Fedor managed to find a successful combination of electronic beats and ethnic instruments. And Yana Veva, who has rare vocal timbre, performed the main vocal parts using specific singing techniques which referred the listeners either to oriental musical tradition, or to Balkan and Russian folklore.

Every following album of THEODOR BASTARD was released in its own specific style: the album "Sueta" was compiled of the live records made on the European tour, the album "Beloe" reflected Fedor and Yana's ardour for the Slavic mythology and Russian folk, and the last single "Tapahula" has shown new interests of the band: the culture of Mesoamerica and rhythms of Africa. But along with that, along with breaking stylistic and conceptual limits, THEODOR BASTARD has always been true to themselves and known for their sound and approach.


Volzhskiy, Russia

Common Ratio





Yekaterinburg, Russia
МАКАКА – сольный проект, гитариста группы Курара,
Юрия Облеухова.

Изначально задумывался как чисто инструментальный и служил «выходом» тех идей, что не были реализованы в рамках Курары.

Меняя, от альбома к альбому, от одной к другой композиции, свой стиль, музыка «Макаки» смешивает в себе electro, ambient, indietronic, IDM, acid-jazz, space-rock, glitch, downtempo и много других направлений.

Дебютный альбом «Primo» был записан без привлечения гостей. В записи второго, «The Documents ep», принял участие Дэн Каплан (Kaplan) - босс студии IGUANA BREIKAZ (http://vkontakte.ru/club2602040), в которой и проходит вся работа проекта. Для записи третьего альбома «Июль» были привлечены музыканты других проектов:
Ольга Макушкина (флейта, вокал),
Сергей Ударцев (саксафон, группа Tempo),
Олег Ягодин (вокал, группа Курара)
и Лина Таланова (вокал, дуэт StereoSisterS).
Последняя, на сегодняшний день, работа - сингл "Что мы сделали с фанком", сделана в паре с Олегом Ягодиным.

В 2008 году проект Макака, совместно с MC Jazzz, приняли участие в трибьюте Александра Лаэртского, сделав версию композиции "Молодая Комсомолка".

Помимо собственного творчества, «Макака» уделяет много времени переработке чужого. Были созданы версии и ремиксы на композиции групп: Сансара, EK Playaz, Курара, Айфо, StereoSisiterS, Нильс и др.

11 июня группа АЙФО презентовала свой дебютный мини-альбом "Ставка на чудо".
Единственный гость этого релиза - МАКАКА, со своей версией песни "Гайки".

В данное время, проект Макака, вплотную занят работой
над новым музыкальным материалом. Планируемый, в результате, альбом,
будет состоять, примерно в равной степени, из инструментальных трэков
и вещей записанных совместно с эмси и вокалистами.
К сотрудничеству, на сегодняшний день, привлечены:

MonteNegro a.k.a FeXco a.k.a Паук
Джонни Бонгзила a.k.a Жэка Злой (Горный Щит, КЛОУНЕСКО)
Олег Ягодин (Курара)
AstroBlack a.k.a Слива
Василий Котов (Метеоризмы)
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